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If positive progress to ceasing this act does not happen, teens will continue to drink and drive putting everybody on the road at risk. Teens who drink and drive put everyone on the road at risk, causing serious crashes that could be preventable. Background of the. Teenage drinking is one of the largest social issues among young people today.

Although about half of high schools today drink on a regular basis.

Drinking and Driving - Essay Example

CDC Most of them will say they only drink when they are at parties with their friends. If they started drinking at the age of fifteen there is a six percent chance that they will depend on alcohol when they get older. There are so many different problems with teen drinking that I can talk about. The big one I want to talk about is when teens drive when. Studies have been made; however, no hard evidence suggesting lowering the minimum drinking age would help have surfaced.

Although there are countless studies of how alcohol has many harmful effects on teenagers, there is a great deal of negative criticism about what if the drinking age is lowered. Some would say the morally right decision is to not allow teens the chance to hurt themselves. No matter how many videos you show to kids about drinking they will still drink.

Most parents don't know about teenage drinking unless they catch their kids doing it. Parents usually say "oh, my my kid would never. In the United States of America, society and lawmakers focus more on the negative impacts of alcohol consumption especially when it comes to who we allow drinking, and do not consider that teenagers are able to think. Justin Jones Mock accident Comp 1 Mock Accident Do you know how many teens drink and drive and how many of them die. Lets focus on how many teens that drink underage.

Since there were more teens drinking at that time then there was in yes there ain 't as many teens that drink. Teens that think they can drive after just having a beer or two are wrong, first of all you shouldn. Soya Smith Engl Teenage Drinking has Become a Problem in Our Society Teenage drinking has negatively impacted our current and future society in many ways including teenage drinking and driving, school performances, and increasing crimes.

A teenage driver and alcohol is a dangerous combination, which can lead to fatality.

Drinking and Driving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words

Teenage drivers are at a greater risk of death in an alcohol-related vehicle accident than any other population because of inexperience, invincible thinking. S has the most impaired driving accidents. Research shows that. Against Drunk Driving, In the last decade. The Report further stated that arrests conducted for driving under the influence of alcohol correspondingly declined and attributed this to the establishment of the legal and uniform drinking age in the early s.

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Elucidating, the Report said that, approximately 3 million violent crimes occurred each year in that decade where the offenders were drinking at the time. And although arrests were made in every age group, those made on offenders below 21 notably decreased. The rate of intoxication in fatal accidents, it said, likewise went…… [Read More].

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Moore Abigail Sullivan 15 Jan. Summary Article 2 Mulkern, Anne C. Section a: p. The makers of Zoloft state that adolescents commit suicide because of depression in numbers upwards of , per year -- although the difficulty of attributing suicide to a singular cause or psychological ailment, much less by the drug manufacture of an antidepressant is problematic. Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas. Juvenile Delincency in Urban Areas Juvenile delinquency is a contemporary term for an old problem. One of the oldest relevant studies of the phenomenon was 'social disorganization' theory, which was developed by the Chicago school of sociology in the 's.

This theory posits that there exist areas in a city in which traditional institutions have little or no control. This was studied in Chicago using a system of 'Concentric Zones' which demonstrated that most of the crime in the city occurs within certain areas that are typically associated with poverty.

According to studies conducted by Shaw and McKay in the 's, "a preponderance of the delinquent boys lived either in areas adjacent to the central business and industrial district or along the two forks of the Chicago River, ack of the Yards, or in South Chicago, with relatively few in other outlying areas. Teen Drug Abuse - Prescription or Not.

Teen Drug Abuse - Prescription or Not Differences between nonalcoholic offspring of alcoholics family history positive, FHP and matched offspring of nonalcoholics family history negative, FHN have been identified on a variety of behavioral, cognitive, and neurological measures. Further, following ingestion of alcohol, sons of alcoholics report less body sway and less subjective intoxication Grant, et al. Applied Social Psychology. Social Psychology The term 'applied social psychology' is used to denote a methodical utilization of socio-psychological models, study approaches and outcomes, concepts, ideologies, and intervention approaches for comprehending or ameliorating social issues.

Psychologists belonging to this subfield concentrate on comprehending and solving practical issues and coming up with intervention approaches to enhance individual, organizational and societal response to social issues. Social psychological theories offer prescriptions to solve practical and social challenges. This paper is presented as a review of literature on social psychological theories and their generic role in resolving practical and social problems. A key applied social psychological theory is Cognitive Dissonance, whose main premise is that an individual is driven to remain consistent…… [Read More].

Olde Distillerie Going Global With. The rules and regulations are designed to level the competition and to disrupt advantages of a country based on price and favored tax status. All of the countries in the union must abide by these tax and trade regulations. In January of , Denmark and Sweden were forced to remove import restrictions on alcohol purchased for personal consumption EPHA, They are attempting to limit the general consumption and limit underage drinking in their country. Alcoholism is considered to be problematic in Sweden and lawmakers see a need to take measures to attempt to curb overall consumption of alcoholic beverages. The effects of this decision are two-fold, when one considers the impact on expanding Olde Distillerie products to Sweden. The first affect is that this decision supports alcohol as an…… [Read More]. Driving Drunk Is Dangerous.

Driving Drunk Dangerous Mandatory license revocation and sentencing should be applied to all young adults who are convicted of drunk driving.

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  • In addition young adults who are found to drive drunk should be forbidden from riding in a vehicle with other young adult passengers for a period of up to one year. Every year the number of fatalities and serious accidents that result from drunk drivers rises. There have been numerous laws enacted to combat the problem of drunk driving.

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    None of these laws however have been directed specifically at young adults, and recent studies suggest that this population shows a growing trend toward drunk driving. Thus the aim of this paper is to argue for more severe penalties directed specifically at the young adult population, in the hopes that effective countermeasures may be established with regard to the drunk driving problem.

    No one would argue that drunk driving is…… [Read More]. Campus Security Act of Clery Act. Clery Act The Freedom Information Act of reported 2, occurrences of forcible sex offenses on campus and 1, in residence halls; 2, aggravated assaults on campus; 2, robberies on campus and 29, burglaries also on campus; and 1, arsons on campus in that year alone.

    This was the summary of campus crime statistics released by the U. Department of Education Security on Campus This document and national studies reveal the prevalence of sexual assault on both male and female college and university students. Teenage Drivers. Teenage Driving From day one, when a teenager reaches the age of 16 to 18, it has always been a dream to drive a car to school, to the mall or to a friend's house. It is at this point in time wherein driving turns into a fad rather than a skill, to impress, to flaunt and to enjoy, A usual part of adolescence.

    The car or any kind of vehicle becomes an accessory to a teenager caring only to his or her personal enjoyment and satisfaction. Most often, responsibilities are only secondary to an endless list of teenage pleasure and delight. The need for speed is a race against time and life. For them having to drive is an expression of freedom. Dale Wisely, Ph. D Business Ownership Over the Centuries. This is because as night club owner, you will have to deal with host of issues to include: underage drinking, noise, possible violence and drugs.

    All of these different situations will inevitably bring law enforcement to your establishment. Smith, , pp.

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    However, you do have responsibility to uphold the law and cooperate with law enforcement in achieving this objective. This means that you must be able to have some kind of people skills, in being able to work with the customers and law enforcement about these issues. In my case, seeing these situations up close and how they were successfully resolved provides me with a basic foundation for having common sense.

    Where, I can be able to adjust to the different challenges that could be faced when owning…… [Read More].