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Edexcel January 2016 Papers and Mark Schemes

Worry free guarantee. Author: Created by astarlevels Preview. Share Email Post. This makes it the perfect example to show students what is required of them in the NEA. Title: An investigation into the language used by politicians in resignation speeches Introduction: My investigation focuses on the language used by politicians in speeches when resigning as leader of their party.

General Certificate of Secondary Education - Wikipedia

I have chosen this topic because the subject of resignation is complex; politicians must accept defeat whilst still defending the image of their party. Beginning my investigation by reading secondary sources of research, such as articles from Pullum and Charteris-Black , provided me with further tools to analyse the speeches.

Furthermore I may gain insight into the way specific features are added to speeches in order to make the audience feel a certain way.


Even students who pick an interesting topic for their investigation may struggle to achieve the top marks in the NEA because their levels of analysis, interpretation and overall conclusions are far too simple. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Englsih language investigation. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! A2 English Language Coursework inve Embed Size px.

General Certificate of Secondary Education

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All these processes require spending much time and efforts, that is why i recommend all the students use the professional writing service DigitalEssay. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Englsih language investigation 1. AO2 Demonstrate critical understanding of a range of concepts and issues related to the construction and analysis of meanings in spoken and written language, using knowledge of linguistic approaches. Mark AO3 Analyse and evaluate the influence of contextual factors on the production and reception of spoken and written language, showing knowledge of the key constituents of language.

Further copies of this Report are available from aqa.

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All rights reserved. AQA retains the copyright on all its publications. General Moderators reported that generally this was a very positive series with the majority of schools and colleges submitting student work which was entirely within the spirit of the specification.

English A2 Coursework Help

Where problems occurred moderators felt that there were three main issues. As always the advice and information given in the body of this report is intended to help schools and colleges feel confident to teach and assess further series of this unit. Further individual advice can be sought via the Coursework Adviser system and the Centre Standardising Materials published in the autumn.

Also in schools and colleges where students had been encouraged to pursue topics which were of personal interest, moderators remarked that student performance was improved. A reason for this may be that these students were prepared to spend longer analysing their data leading to more thoughtful analysis; in addition the quality and range of the contextual analysis was often more perceptive in these folders.

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Investigation Methodologies This section of the language investigation should provide a clear and concise account of the methodology chosen for data selection. Most students set themselves sensible and appropriate methods of data collection, often balancing quantitative and qualitative approaches. This approach is particularly limiting when it is clear that all students have been advised to use the same language methods to analyse a range of different data types.

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Moderators remarked that where students adapted a language 10 Ideally every student should have different subheadings or questions which directly relate to their topic and focus. Several moderators remarked that they saw questionnaires used both as a method for data collection and as a way of gaining more detail about the contextual factors surrounding the data. This often proved to be a very successful approach. Once again case studies provided many students with a very successful starting point when considering child language acquisition and second language acquisition.

Schools and colleges should ensure that students always have prior permission to record speech or collect written data, and must intervene early in the process if it is clear that these permissions have not been sought. Schools and colleges are also reminded that students must be especially careful when collecting data from children or other vulnerable groups.


English Coursework Help

Furthermore, schools and colleges should encourage students to make sure that private data is anonymised where possible. All feedback from moderators this series commented on the fact that where a student had used a careful methodology to collect data and selected salient methods and or questions to analyse the data, this always resulted in a more interesting language investigation. It is clear that the methodology is central to success at all levels and as such it is a fundamental aspect of the teaching and learning for this unit.

For further advice on selecting an appropriate methodology to set up a language investigation please refer to the texts listed on the AQA resources list available in the Teaching and Learning Resources section of the AQA website or contact your Coursework Adviser.