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Dissertation Hr Report On Putting Ba

Given the major functions of management -- planning, organizing, leading and controlling -- it is clear that evaluations controlling need to be done. At its most basic level, performance appraisal is the process of examining and evaluating the performance of employees. However, the need to evaluate is also a source of tension as evaluative and developmental priorities appear to clash.

Some management experts have argued that appraisal cannot serve the needs of evaluation and development at the same time. For example, rather than motivating employees, conflict may be created when appraisals are tied to merit pay and when that merit pay is based on a forced ranking. Edwards Deming, the founder of total quality management TQM has long been associated with the view that performance appraisals ought to be eliminated.

Many TQM proponents claim that performance appraisals are harmful. Graphic rating scale 2.

Category: MBA Dissertations

Paired Comparison 3. Forced choice approach 4. Easy Appraisal 5. Graphic Rating Scale: A performance appraisal that rates the degree to which the employee has achieved various characteristics. Paired-comparison Approach: A performance appraisal that measures the relative performance of employees in a group. Forced-choice Approach: A performance appraisal that presents the appraiser with sets of statements describing employee behavior; the appraiser must choose which statement is most characteristic of the employee and which is least characteristic.

Easy Appraisal: Sometimes the supervisor must write a description of the employees performance. The easy appraisal is often used along with other types of appraisals, notably. At times, they can also be deemed to be "political". In an attempt to improve this methodology, some companies have turned to degree appraisals. Benefits of Performance appraisal For the organization: The organization comes to know the true position of the employees working capacities and the problems they face while working in the organization.

This performance appraisal system also acts as a motivating factor for the employees, which helps the organization to get better results. For the appraise: The appraise fells themselves an important part of the organization, they get a chance to express their views in front of their superiors; they get a platform to express their ideas. Are many other question, which make them assess rightly. Guidelines for effective performance evaluation interviews Appraisal Process In order to obtain a better understanding of how the performance appraisal has been put together by The Corporation, the researcher has provided an overview of the companys performance appraisal process.

The researcher felt that the overview of the performance appraisal process would be necessary, since the process provided a framework for the performance appraisal. It becomes very necessary to begin by stating the objectives of evaluation programs very clearly and precisely.

The personal appraisal system should address the question who, what, how of performance appraisal. These questions are the components of these appraisal systems which are discussed below individually. The immediate superior, the head of the department or any other can rate the performance of an individual.

A group, consisting of his senior, peers and subordinates, can do appraisal, whoever is rating; he should be trained and impartial.

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In most of the organizations the ratings is done by his immediate superior who is considered the best person to understand his subordinates strengths and weaknesses. Now a day some organizations are following the method of selfappraisal. The informal counseling should occur continuously but the manager should discuss an employees work as soon as he gets an opportunity to provide positive reinforcement and use poor work as basis of training.

The time and period of appraisal differs according to the need and nature of the organization. It is usually done at work place or office of the supervisor. On the basis of comparative advantages and disadvantages, the nature and philosophy of management and the needs of an organization; the method of appraisal is decided. In , Jindal Brothers Pvt. Ltd started its journey in India by setting up State of Art manufacturing facility at Manesar, Gurgaon. Design and Detailing work is carried out by highly skilled Engineers with computed aided design and drafting facilities at the Companys Head Office at New Delhi.

Their objective is to deliver cost effective, quality Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings within agreed time schedules to their Customers. Jindal Brothers Pvt. Every project is executed with Micro Planning, to achieve the Milestones set out in the contract. This combined with quality of their products has earned us reputation in the Market Place. Corporate giants, both National and Multinational, have complimented their strategy of providing single point responsibility for Supply and Erection with highly motivated and trained In House Project Management Team to handle projects, whether it is small or big, simple or complex.

More than Pre-Engineered Buildings have been installed across the length and breadth of their Country. This experience corroborates their claim.

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Organizational effectiveness depends upon the level of performance of its employees. Hence the level of performance has to be ensured. Periodic stock taking of the qualitative state of the man power is of vital importance to an organization and the organization tries to collect the relevant data through the tool of performance appraisal reports. Thus performance appraisal is essential for performance effectiveness and efficiency of the organization and also for carrying out administrative decisions regarding human resources. The correctness of the decision will depend heavily upon the validity of the data gathered through appraisal system.

I have therefore taken up this project with an aim to study the existing system of performance appraisal so that this might help other organizations to follow the same. Services Pre-Engineered steel buildings are designed and fabricated to clients requirements in accordance with the Universal standards. These components are designed that they are compatible with each other. The fabrication of these components is carried out in factory under strict quality control as per detailed shop drawing. These components are transported to site with proper markings and assembled at site as per erection drawings.

The Brain House offers intelligent engineering solutions and supports post order functions with general arrangement, fabrication and erection drawings. The computerized drafting, detailing and logic programs enable user friendly details to simplify manufacturing process and erection methods.

The Jindal Brothers Pvt. All welders are qualified to required standards. Cafeteria Dept.

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  6. The research methodology, which follows, is the backbone of the study. Data Collection Sources Research work was done from two sources: 1 Primary data 2 Secondary data Primary data was collected by questionnaire and interview in the organizations. The questionnaire comprised of closed and attitude questions. The opinion on existing Performance Appraisal practices and their affectivity were collected through questionnaire which was circulated to all the employees at all levels and the results have been analysed on the basis of agree and disagree.

    The methodology for collection of data also included interviews and discussion with the top management of the organization. Secondary data: It was collected by reviewing different literatures, from published books, management journals, articles published by the other researchers on Degree Appraisal. The information collected through above methods has been tabulated, analysed and interpreted. Finally an overall assessment of the contribution of top management has been made towards improving the effectiveness of the organization. It is a procedure, which is followed step by step to solve a particular research problem.

    Explorative Research:- To gain familiarity with phenomenon or to achieve an insight into it. Descriptive Research:-To poetry accurately the characteristics of the particular individual situation or a group. Diagnostic Research:-To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with which it is associated with something else. Hypothesis Testing Research:-To test a hypothesis of casual relationship between variables. The present project is Descriptive cum Explorative in nature. It is done to poetry accurately the characteristics of a particular individual situation or a group. The major purpose of the descriptive research is the description of the state of the affairs as it exits at resent.

    The main characteristics of this method are that the researcher has no control over the variables; he can only report what has happened or what is happening. Goals are only met when individual employees efforts matches with policy of the organization and thus bringing out success and effectiveness. The assessment of how successful employees have been at meeting their individual goals therefore becomes a critical part of HRM and here comes Performance Appraisal System. Performance appraisal is an important component of the information and control system.