Thinking critically with psychological science chapter 1


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  4. AP Psych ChAPter 1 Thinking Critically With Psychological Science
  5. Chapter 1 Thinking Critically With Psychological Science, Myers 8e Psychology

Definition whole group you want to study. Term random sample. Definition every person has an equal chance of being selected for a study.

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Term naturalistic observation. Definition observing and recording behavior of subject in naturally occurring situations. Term control condition. Definition part of experiment where people do not receive the treatment. Term scatterplot. Definition a graphed cluster of dots. Term illusory correlation.

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Definition a perceived nonexistent correlation. Term experiment. Definition a research method in which an investigator manipulates one or more factors to observe the effect on some behavior or mental process. Term double-blind procedure. Definition experimental procedure in which both researchers and participants don't know who gets the placebo and who gets the actual drug.

Term placebo effect. Definition when people begin to have a positive reaction just from belief that they received the actual drug when in reality they received the placebo. Term experimental condition. Definition part of experiment where people receive the treatment. Term random assignment. Definition assigning participants to experimental condition and control condition randomly by chance. Term independent variable IV-i control. Definition the experimental factor that is manipulated.

Term dependent variable DV-do not control. Definition the outcome factor of an experiment. Term mode MOST. Definition the most frequently occurring score.

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Term median median in a highway is in the middle. Definition the middle score. Term mean your mean teacher telling you you're average. Definition the average score. Term range. Definition the difference between the highest and lowest scores.

Free Psychology Flashcards about AP Psych Ch. 1 Vocab

Which type of research would allow you to deter- a. Events seem more predictable after they have a. In a test of the effects of air pollution, groups of students performed a reaction-time task in a pol- 7. The procedure designed to ensure that the experi- luted or an unpolluted room.

To what condition mental and control groups do not differ in any were students in the unpolluted room exposed? In order to study the effects of lighting on mood, c. Cooper had students fill out questionnaires in d. In this study, the independent variable consisted of: 8.

Illusory correlation refers to: a. What is the mode of the following distribution of scores: 2, 2, 4, 4, 4, 14? In generalizing from a sample to the population, a. What is the mean of the following distribution of c. The strength of the relationship between two vivid events will most likely be: What is the median of the following distribution: a.

AP Psych ChAPter 1 Thinking Critically With Psychological Science

Which of the following is the measure of varia- tion that is most affected by extreme scores? The set of scores that would likely be most repre- If a difference between two samples is not statisti- sentative of the population from which it was cally significant, which of the following can be drawn would be a sample with a relatively: concluded? The difference is probably not a true one. The difference is probably not reliable. The difference could be due to sampling vari- d.

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All of the above can be concluded. Your roommate is conducting a survey to learn Multiple-Choice Questions how many hours the typical college student stud- ies each day.

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  7. She plans to pass out her question- 1. You decide to test your belief that men drink naire to the members of her sorority. You point more soft drinks than women by finding out out that her findings will be flawed because: whether more soft drinks are consumed per day a. Your belief is a n , and your research c. The concept of control is important in psychologi- 7. A professor constructs a questionnaire to deter- cal research because: mine how students at the university feel about a. Which of the following dent variables, researchers cannot describe, techniques should be used in order to survey a predict, or explain behavior.

    Every student should be sent the question- study the influence of one or two independent naire. Only students majoring in psychology should ing other potential influences constant. Only students living on campus should be be generalized from a sample to a population. From an alphabetical listing of all students, every tenth or fifteenth, e. Martina believes that high doses of caffeine slow be asked to complete the questionnaire. In order to test this belief, she has five friends each drink three 8- 8. If eating saturated fat and the likelihood of con- ounce cups of coffee and then measures their tracting cancer are positively correlated, which of reaction time on a learning task.

    What is wrong the following is true?

    Saturated fat causes cancer. No independent variable is specified. People who are prone to develop cancer pre- b. No dependent variable is specified.

    thinking critically with psychological science chapter 1

    There is no control condition. A separate factor links the consumption of sat- d. There is no provision for replication of the urated fat to cancer. None of the above is necessarily true. A researcher was interested in determining 9. This an attitude of skepticism and derive their con- study is an example of: clusions from direct observations.

    Rashad, who is participating in a psychology experiment on the effects of alcohol on percep- 6. Both b. Psychology Applied A friend majoring in anthropology is critical of Joe believes that his basketball game is always psychological research because it often ignores best when he wears his old gray athletic socks. Joe is a victim of the phenomenon called: You point out that: a. His decision c.

    Chapter 1 Thinking Critically With Psychological Science, Myers 8e Psychology

    The scientific attitude of humility is based on the in sample scores. Bob scored 43 out of 70 points on his psychology blindly. He was worried until he discovered that b. The four families on your block all have annual If a new family of the use of a placebo? In a test of the effects of a drug on memory, a which measure of central tendency would be participant is led to believe that a harmless most affected?

    A participant in an experiment is led to b. Salazar recently completed an experiment in active drug, is harmless. Participants in an experiment are not told ple of females and a sample of males. The means which treatment condition is in effect. Neither the participants nor the experimenter 19, respectively, on a point scale.