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Perhaps more important, many of our ideas about American history have been drawn not from history books, but from seven decades of western movie propaganda. Since each decade has interpreted frontier history in its own way, this has caused lot of confusion. The point is that the western has been our most popular narrative form.

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Chiefly, I think, because it offers a serious orientation to the problem of violence such as can be found almost nowhere else in our culture. One of the wellknown peculiarities of modern civilized opinion is its refusal to acknowledge the value of violence. This refusal is a virtue, but like many virtues it involves a certain willful blindness and it encourages hypocrisy. We train ourselves to be shocked or bored by cultural images of violence, and our very concept of heroism tends to be a passive one: we are less drawn to the brave young men who kill large numbers of our enemies than to the heroic prisoners who endure torture without capitulating.

There is more to the popularity of the western than violence, however. Another crucial element in the classic western movie is The Hero. Westerns, as Leslie Fiedler pointed out, have been the traditional form in which a filmmaker can deal with the issues of heroism and individualism. In a recent interview John Wayne made the same point. Although some of these pictures satisfy the nation's longing for the oldtime, uncompromising lonerhero, others question, satirize or even debunk that very kind of film character.

It seems likely that the new westerns will deliver us familiar mythological figures in new, sometimes shocking interpretations. Nevertheless, it's a good bet that these figures, though more psychologically complex than in earlier incarnations, are still meant to emerge as heroes, despite their complexes.

In his proper frame, he presents an image of personal nobility that is still real for us. On occasion, the world of the western hero has been subjected to intense moral scrutiny. Fenin and William K.

Again back essay in new saddle western

The best of the new westerns will once again hold up a fresh mirror to our national past. We may even get to see women and Indians treated more fairly than before in a few of the new films. We may get no closer to the historic truth of the frontier, but we're almost sure to be entertained.

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They are indispensable figures in American folklore. There's something reassuring in the discovery that they are back in style.

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    Rated 4. The lost chapter exclusive — a horsemanship time capsule from the October 4, Back in the Saddle Again June 18, April 8, March 5,